The sales team at Volusion has historically carried all the burden and responsibility to sell the product to new users. We came to understand that a marker of a successful product was that it could sell itself through an optimized and streamlined onboarding process. The existing onboarding experience was disjointed and presented many points of disconnect and distraction that lead to new users abandoning their trial stores.

The Solution

Effective onboarding guides users to experience the value of the product the first time they use it. Identify what tasks a user needs to do complete to understand that value. Through implementation of onboarding best practices, eliminate points of friction and get the user to reach the “a-ha!” moment as quickly as possible.

My Role

As the lead designer on this project I was in charge of designing all user flows, UI patterns and visual elements needed for this effort. I collaborated with the product manager, and together we developed a comprehensive user onboarding experience.

How one software company
overhauled its old school vibe.

Following Volusion’s brand redesign from conception to implementation.


This pretty much sums it up.

Volusion has a long and vibrant history as one of the top ecommerce software websites on the web. We were created in 1999 by web designer Kevin Sproles, who was just 16 and working out of his parents’ house. Since then we’ve never been an average company…but in late 2016 we realized that our site was looking decidedly average. As designers we felt like our old brand was not very well developed or clear, and was lacking in personality. We knew that we could improve the brand and website to attract our ideal customer.


Volusion's existing logo and homepage


So we decided to totally revamp our website and brand, primarily to attract new merchants and help foster the talents of amazing ecommerce founders. Additionally, we wanted to create a more fresh look that could easily grow and develop with our current and future customers.

Author's Note:
This case study was first written as an article published in May 2017.
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Getting Started

Volusion’s redesign team consisted of six designers across the company and an external freelance designer. We looped in everyone with design experience — not just the folks in marketing — because we wanted as many perspectives as we could get. Two of our designers work directly with our customers on a daily basis, and understand their needs. The others are from the marketing and product teams, and have a historical knowledge of what elements of our website would keep our conversion rates on track. The final designer was under contract, and had a great outside perspective on the brand.

Our homepage redesign kickoff was in early November 2016. The first goal was to explore new layout and styling options, and to then user test them. By narrowing the design focus down to just the homepage we were able to explore a larger variety of options in a two month period.

The initial redesign process was pretty straightforward for a few weeks. We met once a week to review various homepage designs, gather feedback and share user testing results. Eventually each designer came up with their own concept for the homepage.

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